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Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol

National Ski Patrol Logo

Welcome to the Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol website.

We are a National Ski Patrol Volunteer organization providing first responder service for the Ski Sawmill Ski Area in north central Pennsylvania.

The Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol is in the Eastern Division, Western Appalachian Region of the National Ski Patrol.

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National Ski Patrol, Eastern Division Logo Jan 2012 Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol Group Photo

National Ski Patrol, Western Appalachian Region Logo

If you would like to find out more about the National Ski Patrol organization, contact us at
If you are interested in joining the Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol and becoming a National Ski Patrol member, contact our Recruiting Director, Eric Waldman for information. 
Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol members may login to access member contact information and document downloads.

Patrol members please email to request an account.

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Lift Evac and CPR Training - Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Lift Evacuation and CPR Training will be held on Sunday, Nov 20 2022 starting at 8:00 am
You will need to bring on-line Course Completion Certificate (link to be shared soon), CPR Mask, Leather Gloves and Helmet. 
A short patrol meeting will also be held to discuss any current information and collect Patrol dues.
Additional information to follow.  
OEC Hands On Practical for Patrolers - Thursday, September 15, 2022
The Hands-On portion of our annual OEC Refresher will be held at Ski Sawmill on Sunday, Oct 16, 2022 starting at 8:00am.
You must also have finished the On-Line portion of the OEC Refresher beforehand, and have your printed completion certificate with you when you arrive. along with your OEC signature card. 
On-Line OEC Refresher Instructions - Thursday, September 15, 2022

This is the first part of the online requirements how to complete the course:


Sign on the NSP WEBSITE and go to the tab Center for learning.

Click on that tab.

Next click on the yellow box "Browse Catalog"

on the right-hand side of that screen, scroll down until you see 2022 OEC Refresher Cycle C Online Modules. Do not click on 2022 OEC Refresher Cycle C Skills Session. It will not let you in. You will have to click on “More Items” tab twice before you get to this module.


Once there, enroll yourself.


This will bring you to the course which is 14 modules, a DEI SECTION AND AN EVALUATION PAGE.  All must be completed before the course is complete.


Once you have completed the course go back to the home page and click on "Go To Your Learning Center” There you will find the course you completed.


Click on the completed tab at the top. This will bring up your completed programs. Find the OEC Online Module and click on View Certificate.  Print the certificate and bring it with you to the refresher.


All patrollers must complete the online module to gain entrance to the in-person refresher.


This is not my rule, and I don’t have the authority to change or override it. I’m sending this email out now so everyone has an opportunity and the time to complete the OEC Online Module prior to September 18th  (OEC instructors) and October 16th (all other patrollers)


Please be patient and plan on devoting 5 or 6 hours to complete the online modules.  You do not have to complete the modules all in one sitting, your progress will be saved if you break between modules.  The online course is cumbersome, you will need to pay attention to complete it.


FYI. Once you are in the course, be sure you click on everything on the page i.e.: all the bubbles, gages, and spinners before you try to move on.  If you can’t move on to the next page, most likely you missed a click somewhere. If you get to the end and it tells you are 90% complete, you have missed something in the course. Go back and recheck your work.  You can find some trouble shooting tips on the NSP site after you click on "Center for Learning"


Remember you must complete all the modules before you are finished and get credit for the course. 


Part two:   registering for the in-person Ski Sawmill Refresher.


After you have completed the on-line refresher, these are the instructions to register for the in-person refresher.


Number one You must complete all the 14 modules before you can sign up for the refresher. The program will not let you register until all are complete. 





Instructions for registering for the in-person refresher


Go back to your Center for Learning Tab and open it.

Click on the yellow Browse Catalog tab

In the search catalog box type in Ski Sawmill Skills.

This will bring you to the box that states,

2022 OEC Refresher Cycle "C" Skills Session.  Click on" Enroll"


At the top of the next page under "Select sessions to attend"

Click on Filter

Click on "location" in the drop-down box scroll down till you find Ski Sawmill

Hit search.

This will finally bring you to our refresher.

Click on select

Then click on "submit"

This will register you for our refresher.


I will see your name on my list once this is completed.


Again, you must complete all 14 modules to register.


I know this is a lot. Just take your time and read through it carefully!!



Please do your best to get this done sooner rather than later.


Thank you for being patient!

Michelle Duddy


National Ski Patrol Medal BackNational Ski Patrol Medal FrontSki Sawmill Ski Patrol Emblem
Ski Sawmill Ski Patrol